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Audience, what are you doing on this blog?

Toby's quotes are full of epicosity, so here's a blog full of them.

Feel free to put YOUR favourite Toby quote in my ask box, but please remember to add the name of the video so I can publish them. I'll even link it to your blog.

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Jan 15 '13

good day friends


So I don’t really make any serious posts, but there’s just something that I wanted to bring to your attention!!!!

My girlfriend is a first year biological sciences student at Durham University, and she’s trying to raise funds to go on a 5-week trip to Borneo this coming summer, which is really cool. Whilst there, she’ll be doing all kinds of neat stuff like working to help conserve all the sweet nature shit and stuff that they have over there!! It’s a really good cause, but unfortunately her fundraising’s not going great..

so if you guys could head over to and check the page out, I’d be really grateful!!! And if you’ve got even a little bit of spare internet change, and you’d like to donate, I’d be 1000% thankful to you ;) this really means a lot to her, so yeah… please?

[Edit: I had someone concerned that this post was a virus, but I promise it isn’t!!!]


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Dec 15 '12


The first picture is the picture at 0 seconds…it scared me more than Slender. Does anyone else think Slender isn’t scary or is it just me?

Dec 11 '12
"Chicken, what advice can you- I’m sorry, I killed you. Aaargh. I just wanted to ask a question. I just don’t know how to not kill everything that’s close to me."
Toby Turner (x)
Dec 10 '12

Toby Turner - RAYMAN (Happy Wheels #172)

  • Dad: Of course I remember, son! I have a memory like a horse!
  • Son: You mean an elephant?
  • Dad: I don't know son. I can't remember. Is that what it is?
Dec 8 '12
Toby gets stressed playing Happy Wheels.

Toby gets stressed playing Happy Wheels.

Dec 6 '12
Toby gets stressed playing Far Cry 3.

Toby gets stressed playing Far Cry 3.

Dec 5 '12

Toby Turner - PLANE CRASH (Happy Wheels #167)

  • Son: Dad, you killed me! You killed me...
  • Dad: What's that, son? I can't hear that over the sound of you being killed.
Dec 3 '12
"When we left off, something was going down. I don’t know what. But I don’t think it’s NOT going to involve me killing people."
Toby Turner (x)
Dec 2 '12
"I don’t even care. You are going down, dude. I AM KILLING YOU TO DEATH, BUDDY."
Toby Turner (x)
Nov 30 '12
"How do you make a compass? Uhhh… hmmm… so… if I was a compass… how would I make myself?"
Toby Turner (x)
Nov 29 '12
"That is gangsta! That is so gangsta, it’s worth losing a limb."
Toby Turner (x)
Nov 26 '12
"I’m not such a bad guy, once you look past the murder."
Toby Turner (x)
Nov 24 '12


Nov 22 '12
"Get over and let me take your clothes off. And your life off."
Toby Turner (x)
Nov 21 '12